Why Own a 7.3 Powerstroke?

The 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel goes down as the most legendary diesel engine in Ford history.  Originally a 6.9l international, it has been around since the early 80's.  In 1990 the 6.9L was bored out to a 7.3L but still shares the same crankshaft and block as the original 6.9.  Later as technology evolved the 7.3 got a turbo along with a more advanced fuel delivery system.  In 1997 the engine became branded as the "Powerstroke."  The 7.3 powerstroke turbo diesel was carried by ford until 2003 when its production was haulted due to new emission regulations.  These engines are highly desirable because of their reputiation to run more than a million miles without an overhaul and the values of these trucks has remained high for decades.  However they do have some common issues which need to be addressed along the way.  We specialize in these repairs.

Coil spring suspension conversion
King Ranch Interior conversion
Oil leaks
Fuel leaks
Rust repair
Turbo failure

Replacement parts are getting harder to find.  For that reason we try to shelf as many parts for these vehicles as possible. 

They aren't known for their speed, quietness, comfort ability, or fuel mileage, but they will get you where you need to go and they will hold their value well.


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