Why Own a 6.7?

The Powerstroke 6.7L from 2011-2017 is an engine manufactured and developed by Ford.  We commonly hear people refer to the 6.7 as "the new 7.3" because there are already reports of these engines with over 700,000 miles and still running strong.  These engines are incredibly quit, and strong, while meeting all the new emission regulations set by the EPA.  All of those benefits are possible because of the numerous technological advances made in recent years.  As technology advances there are fewer and fewer shops out there that can work on these trucks.  To be Certified in the 6.7 it requires a lot of testing as well as training and the only way to truly and properly diagnose one of these trucks is to not only have the training but also the software to communicate to the truck.  WE HAVE THAT HERE.  Do not let a wannabe diesel tech work on your pride and joy.  These trucks are not something you want to play around with.  With proper maintenance these trucks have already developed a great reputation but if you do have a problem we can help. 

Specializing in:

Complete fuel systems



High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP)


Head Gaskets

ARP Head Studs

Turbo Rebuild/Upgrade/Replacement

Turbo Seal Replacement

Engine Re Seal and other oil leaks

Camshaft Replacement

Complete Engine Rebuilds

Fass Fuel Systems