Why Own a 6.4?

That's a great question.  The 6.4 is a whole lot of truck for the money and they sure do drive great!  The power potential for these trucks properly set up is pretty incredible without very many major modifications.  These trucks are easily financeable and are usually said to be the best looking F series ever made.  However, if these trucks have a mechanical problem DONT sell the work out to the lowest bidder!  We are Certified on these trucks and can easily pinpoint the problem and resolve it quickly.  Too many people will try to throw parts at these trucks not knowing exactly how to fix them and more often than not they will do more harm than good.  For that reason you have to be very careful when you buy one because its easy to inherit someone else's problems.  We specialize in all problems with the 6.4 including:

Complete fuel systems



Rocker arm replacement

High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP)


Head Gaskets

ARP Head Studs

Turbo Rebuild/Upgrade/Replacement

Turbo Seal Replacement

Engine Re Seal and other oil leaks

Camshaft Replacement

Complete Engine Rebuilds

Fass Fuel Systems


And much much more. Give us a call to get your sick truck healthy again. We help customers love their trucks by fixing them right the VERY FIRST TIME!

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