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Unique Motorsports is by appointment.

Here at Unique Motorsports, we bring our customers top quality service unrivaled by our competition. Our specialty is in Powerstroke diesel performance and Powerstroke diesel repair.  We are the founders of our trademark Powerstroke Earthquake Packages.  Unlike most of our competition who does other packages, our Earthquake Packages include some very unique and specific differences that the majority of our competition just does not have.  We enjoy making sick trucks healthy again for years to come.

One of the unique things that we have is the ability to buy your next truck with all of the performance and reliability repairs already done.  Since we have already spent the time and money building your dream truck we can save you the headache of trying to find and purchase a truck and then immediately spend thousands of dollars bulletproofing it right afterward. 

Our trucks have been carefully selected so we can pass on the savings to you. We inspect each vehicle and every diesel that we sell has been gone through by our certified technicians.  Every fully built 6.0 we sell comes with a warranty and our stamp of approval.


Do some research on the pre-owned vehicle you are looking for, and we are sure you will not find a better deal on a comparable used vehicle. We will offer you a fair price on the vehicle you are trading in, or we will buy your car even if you dont buy one of ours. We also offer Consignment service to sell your car or truck for you, free of charge.


Unique Motorsports Inc., claims no exclusive rights to the terms “bulletproof” or “bulletproofing,” We are not affiliated with any business that may claim any exclusive rights to such terms, and we are certainly not affiliated with Neal Technologies, Inc. or any other owner of U.S. Trademark Reg. Nos. 4,235,578 or 4,262,825 for BULLETPROOFDIESEL.COM and BULLETPROOFDIESEL.COM (with a design), respectively.

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Unique Motorsports

500 E. Business 121

Lewisville, TX 75057

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